No Job for a Woman

All she wanted was to report the war from the frontline, but everyone told her it was


1938. Jenny McLeod, daughter of a British diplomat in Berlin, witnesses Nazi brutality on Kristallnacht, the Night Of Broken Glass. As the family of her German-Jewish mother suffer death and deportation Jenny vows to let the world know what is happening. When her father is re-assigned to Egypt Jenny is employed by Lawrence Penrith to write the society column for his newspaper, but that’s not enough for her. Jenny wants to report from the frontline. Everyone, including her family, tells Jenny that this is no job for a woman, but being a correspondent is the only way she knows how to fight as her Jewish family struggle to survive in Nazi Germany.

But being a war correspondent is not easy for a woman. Jenny suffers suspicion and discrimination as she follows the Desert Rats on their North African campaigns. As the Second World War drags on, Jenny realises that her conflict will not be confined to the battlefield, and the emotional price she has to pay is high as she fights for acceptance in a man’s world.

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No Job for a Woman is the first novel in the series The Wars of Jenny McLeod, a saga of wartime love and loss. You can find out more about the series The Wars of Jenny McLeod here