ebook versus the printed page

I have loved books all my life, from my first board books as a baby until today. The satisfying feel of the weight of a book in my hand, the smell of the paper, the sound of the turning page, the varied print and illustrations to feast my eyes upon.

Now comes the ebook. The physical senses are not stirred in the same way, but the imagination can still take flight and soar.

Does the arrival of the ebook herald the death of the printed word? Or will the two media complement each other?

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “ebook versus the printed page

  1. I personally think they compliment each other. I find that I read much more since I purchased an ereader, though my purchases of paperback books has gone up tremendously for some reason.

      1. I think since ebooks are so easy too browse and are attractively priced, I tend to purchase more. As a result I read more, which I think spills over into my print book purchases.

  2. Hi, as a child I always wanted one of those walk in library rooms you saw on films, and I love my books. But I do think the e-book is a space saving way of aquiring more books in modern times (especialy if you move house) The supermarkets are forcing out the well known book stores, & the prices they sell at doesn’t help authors neither as it is a warehouse market. The e-book allows authors to compete in this market and can reach out to those armchair shoppers … Sue

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