Book launch – The Guardians

If you have been waiting for my second book – the wait is over!

‘The Guardians’ is available on Kindle from today. Print version will follow soon.

The Guardians

The gold of El Dorado belonged to the Aztecs. Their gods will do anything to protect it.

It is all too easy to lose focus on what is really important in life when surrounded by the pressures and demands of modern living. It can take something extraordinary, something out of this world, to re-focus us on life’s priorities.

For archaeologist Rick Gibson the priority is to discover a ‘great find’ which will make him a household name, and he is prepared to sacrifice everything – his home, his wife, his son – to achieve this. After years of disappointment Gibson’s luck changes with the discovery of an ancient manuscript detailing the hiding place of the Aztec treasure of Montezuma. Gibson leads a dig to Mexico to uncover the famous treasure of El Dorado, but it is not as easy as he had assumed for the treasure is guarded. ‘The Guardians’ come from the world of the dead to protect the treasure and, one by one, the members of Gibson’s party suffer the consequences.

The suspense builds from a gentle beginning in suburban England to a terrifying climax with supernatural forces of good and evil battling for supremacy. Woven skilfully into the narrative are the questions which all humans face, and the answers to which will bring life, or death, for Gibson.


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