Great books for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and books are as popular as ever as gifts. The question is, how do you make a decision with so many to choose from? Maybe this will help:-

Do you know someone who likes

Historical fiction
Epic stories
Family sagas
World War 2
Books which are character driven
Great dialogue
Intriguing plot lines
A little bit of romance
If so, then ‘Heronfield’ could be just the book for them!


Check it out here,
or buy now

Print edition
Other ebook formats

The Historical Novel Society says of ‘Heronfield’The characters are incredibly realistic; it is difficult to set Heronfield down. It would not be possible to write a story about the bravery of the soldiers or the Resistance without making sure that the reader is aware of just why they were so brave, and this is put across tactfully, but still gives the reader an idea of the horrors faced by these people. An amazing read.

‘Heronfield’ not the book for the person you are thinking off? Do they like

The Guardians


Supernatural stories
A little bit of history
A little bit of horror
Intriguing plot lines
Interesting characters

Then maybe ‘The Guardians’ would make a great sticking filler!


Check it out here, or buy now
Print edition

Whatever you choose, I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas!

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